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Automazioni Industriali


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Industrial automation    

Main pourpose of OOO Forever company is writing software for industrial automation , test, startup, and service of industrial equipments.

I settori di cui ci occupiamo sono:


writing software for industrial automations

 Our customers can count on the full support to the development of a project Depending on your needs we support and develop new projects  from beginning to end.

We start from the optimization of ideas, often or those who want to automate, it requires support to the choice of cycles logical and operational decisions based on previous experience in the field. Put simply when you want to automate any machinery must first determine the feasibility and coherence, this saves considerable resources that would otherwise be used in numerous attempts and replicas. Our goal is' to write programs clear, logical, easily changeable and efficient. Choosing the best software for the purpose, be it commercial or completely custom, it can 'only be made in the light of long experience. The choice of the structure to be used in the software which is also rather difficult to be carried out according to the type of machinery. The writing, the initial test and functional test are greatly relieved if the first choices were made wisely, of course these stages will never be completely eliminated even the best software. Our main aim and 'to give our customers a complete software that their needs and participate actively to prevent wrong choices lead to poor performance.


modifications and adaptations of existing software

Our customers can count on the full support in case possess machinery on which they want to make changes. The first step is the evaluation of feasibility, all the changes are not always feasible and / or affordable for our customers, both in terms of time and cost. Often, however, it happens that a machine mechanically still very good, need upgrade on automation technology. This and 'one of the highlights of OOO Forever, do not lose heart never facing a program written not by us, although without comment, if there is the possibility to recover and reintegrate in a convenient way on a new hardware, we find it always.


installation and commissioning of industrial machinery


Another part of our customers need to run their equipment, here we are already present in Russia, which benefits us greatly reducing costs and response times. Our experience allows us to quickly launch also machines that are practically new for us, because our policy and 'final objective-oriented and not to the individual process.

Put simply, the process of starting a new machine can not 'never be done by those who designed it without support. Our employees, call the false pride if they realize that a problem is not 'solved quickly from them, turn immediately to get support.


service and repairs 

The after sales support international normally presents communication problems. The customer must contact an agent, which translates and asks support provider. The process will lose two things vital, part of the information and a lot of time for answers, and not all companies have a local technical service especially in the automation sector.

The OOO Forever presents to its customers providing a service of direct service, we could call emergency room, intervening directly without anyone worry. Last but not least, our company also deals with service of industrial machines for which our customers have lost touch with the original manufacturers, recuparando when possible programs and the information they need for their maintenance.


Sectors in which we operate

Our specialization allows us to operate in various areas:

Bottling  : 

 CIP, Water preparation, Mixer, Fillier, bottles conveyors, packs and pallet.

Palletizing :

palletizer for packs, bottles, cartons, briks and special objects. From traditional to robotics.

Labelling :

special labeling systems for pallets (barcode) with integration on customer data base system.

Ceramics :

weighing equipment and mixing powder, granulators and mills.

Conveyors  :

qualunque tipo di trasporto pallet, cartoni anche con gestione barcode e gestione direzione centralizzata.

Vetreria. Operiamo su trasporti, staker e pallettizatori cold-end.


Ovviamente operando nel settore dellautomazione industriale, il settore di appartenenza delle vostre macchine ha una importanza relativa, ovvero, anche nel caso la vostra attivita non faccia parte della nostra lista, questo non vuol dire che non possiamo asservi daiuto. Ricordate che arrivati ad un ottimo livello di esperienza le apparecchiature per automazione sono tutte simili. Anche nel caso in cui non fossimo in grado di aiutarvi direttamente possiamo mettervi in contatto con chi e in grado di farlo.

Apparecchiature per automazione

I PLC di cui possiamo occuparci sono principalmente

Siemens, Allen Bradley ed Omrom su richiesta anche Telemecanique.

In particolare ci occupiamo anche di traduzioni da una marca di PLC allaltra.

Pannelli operatori

Siemens OP con Protool o Wincc Flexible, Allen Bradley Panel View o Faktory Talk SCADA Citect, Zenon





Fanuc e Motoman 4 e 6 assi.





Inoltre possiamo su richiesta scrivere programmi custom SCADA che non richiedono chiavi di attivazione (speciale per clienti che richiedano grandi quantita e bassi prezzi).

Possiamo intergrare nelle vostre automazioni strumenti di misura per automazione di proceso quali flussimetri (magnetici o massici), misuratori di distanza (Magnetici, capacitivi e laser), Ph metri e conduttivimetri e quantaltro puo essere necessario alla misura dei parametri delle vostre macchine.

Ultimo ma non meno importante il supporto linguistico in inglese, francese, spagnolo, russo ed ovviamente italiano. In pratica possiamo svolgere un servizio completo per tutto quello che necessita all avviamento impianti.

Referenze Abbiamo collaborato e collaboriamo principalmente con le seguenti aziende :

Sidel, Simonazzi, Ocme, Electric80, Litokoll, Sacmi, LB, Zecchetti, Emmeti ecc...    

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